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Nuskin AP 24 toothpaste has become one of the most talked-about and controversial toothpastes of all time. But does it really live up to the hype? In this article, we review the product to find out more…

What Is AP24 Toothpaste?

AP-24 whitening fluoride toothpaste is a premium toothpaste created and distributed by Nuskin Enterprises. The toothpaste has a vanilla mint flavor and is available in 110g tubes from approved distributors and online retailers like Amazon.

Note – There are two different kinds of toothpaste in the AP 24 Oral Care System.

The difference is that the AP 24 Fluoride toothpaste does not contain the abrasive teeth whitening ingredients. Both kinds of toothpaste do contain the patented AP 24 formula that is designed to prevent staining.

what is ap24 toothpaste



  • AP-24® Formula: Yes
  • Whitening: Yes
Anti plaque toothpaste



  • AP-24® Formula: Yes
  • Whitening: No

AP 24 Toothpaste contains active ingredients that are designed to remove and prevent extrinsic tooth surface discoloration (ETD). The teeth whitening benefits of AP 24 come from the combined effects of the patented AP-24® formula and a blend of abrasive ingredients.

The Nuskin AP-24® formula uses a mixture of Dimethicone and surfactants to bind to the teeth enamel and provide a protective coating that prevents the build-up of plaque and stains. The immediate effect of AP-24® is that your teeth feel very smooth after brushing, Dimethicone is commonly used in luxury beauty products to smoothen skin and it has a similar effect on teeth. It should be noted that none of the ingredients in the patented AP-24® formula actually whiten teeth, they are only designed to prevent the build-up of stains.  

In addition to the AP-24® ingredients, AP 24 whitening toothpaste has a secondary component that uses a mixture of abrasives to help in the removal and prevention of external tooth discoloration (ETD).

Is AP-24 ADA Approved?

Nuskin AP24 products have not been approved by the FDA. Although consumers may feel more comfortable knowing that a product has been approved by a governing body like the FDA, an over-the-counter product like AP 24 toothpaste does not require approval provided the manufacturer (Nuskin) adheres to the FDA rules regarding the use of approved ingredients, the intended use of the ingredients and correct labeling.

Does AP24 Toothpaste Damage Teeth?

The main characteristic of a whitening toothpaste like AP 24 is that the formula will include abrasive ingredients to clean and polish the teeth. Research has shown that an abrasive toothpaste will be more effective at removing plaque and stains than a non-abrasive toothpaste. If the abrasive capacity of a toothpaste is too low, it will be less effective at removing plaque and stains. If it is overly abrasive there is a danger that the teeth might be damaged.

In order to regulate toothpaste safety, the American Dental Association helped to establish a standardized scale (Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA)) that starts at 0 and is open-ended. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has adopted this scale and has determined that any toothpaste with an RDA rating of less than 250 is considered safe for daily use.

AP24 Whitening toothpaste uses hydrated silica and aluminum hydroxide as abrasives and has an RDA value of 103 which is considered moderate by whitening toothpaste standards and so, in theory, should not cause any concern to consumers who have a good level of dental health.

Note – To establish if a toothpaste could possibly damage teeth, other factors like the stiffness of toothbrush bristles, the pressure applied to the toothbrush and frequency and duration of teeth cleaning sessions should also be taken into account. If in doubt, consult your dentist for advice.

In conclusion, if you have a good level of oral health, you don’t suffer from sensitive teeth, receding gums, advanced teeth erosion or any known allergy to the relevant ingredients, AP 24 can be considered safe to use regularly.

Is AP24 Toothpaste Safe?

AP-24 Toothpaste is perfectly safe, however, a minority of people might experience mild skin reactions to some of the ingredients. It should be pointed out that this applies to many kinds of toothpaste, not just AP-24.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not easy and many whitening toothpastes use some fairly aggressive ingredients in an attempt to achieve the best possible results. There are reports of some of these ingredients causing adverse oral conditions like burning mouth syndrome, loss of taste, allergic contact stomatitis, and canker sores.

In addition to the primary ingredients, AP 24 contains a number of complementary and stabilizing substances. Two of these ingredients reportedly can cause contact allergic reactions. The first is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a known irritant that can be too harsh for people with sensitive skin. The second is tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, an ingredient that can contribute to hypersensitivity skin reactions.

For people who experience a skin reaction to AP 24 toothpaste, changing to a milder toothpaste should resolve the symptoms. Nuskin AP 24 is really no different from most whitening toothpastes and it shouldn’t cause any more concern than other brands on the market.

Note – It is always a good idea to consult your dentist if you are intending switching to a whitening toothpaste for daily use. Your dentist will tell you if it is suitable or recommend suitable alternative options.

Directions For Using AP24 Toothpaste

All dentists agree that it is important to brush teeth tor two minutes twice a day. This prevents the build-up of plaque and reduces the chance of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

  1. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto a good quality toothbrush.
  2. Work systematically around the mouth taking care to brush each tooth.
  3. Spend between 3 and 4 seconds cleaning each tooth.
  4. Clean all teeth surfaces, outside, inside, and biting edges.
  5. After brushing all the teeth, spit out excess toothpaste.


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49 thoughts on “Nuskin AP-24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste Reviews”

    1. Hi Kay,
      AP-24 toothpaste won’t have much effect on capped teeth. Porcelain dental caps should be very stain resistant anyway. But, if you are concerned about the appearance of your capped teeth, it might be an idea to ask your dentist’s opinion at your next check up.

  1. This toothpaste is selling for $20 on fb. That’s crazy! Reading the reviews… its not whitening their teeth.

    1. I actually paid $20 on facebook from a friend and it worked really well. It must depend on who uses it and if they follow the dry brush directions or not. My friend made sure I took a before pic, and then a one week picture. I didn’t even think my teeth were that yellow until I saw my progress through photos. To me it was totally worth the money. I had been paying my dentist MUCH more than the cost of this toothpaste, and it obviously wasn’t working as effectively as I thought after seeing these results. Every person is different though.

        1. Dry brushing means you don’t use water at all while you brush. You put the toothpaste on a dry toothbrush and start brushing. The toothpaste mixes with your saliva instead of water and you get better results. It’s kind of weird the first couple of times you do it because most people are so accustomed to using water, but it really does get results with this whitening toothpaste.

          1. is it okay if I brush my teeth with the regular toothpaste and then later on after my mouth dry enough i will brush it again with AP24 toothpaste? I like the feeling of having foams while brushing my teeth.

    2. I bought this tooth paste about a month ok. I took a pic the day I got it and one today. My teeth look more yellow now then they did before I bought it. Will not use anymore. I’ll go back to my crest whitening toothpaste.

  2. Nice flavor, packaging, but I paid $23 for mine (from a friend who charged for postage and sent a toothbrush with it) but I found it to not whiten any more than Crest or one that I like that has the exact ACTIVE INGREDIENTS as AP24 only MORE of them. It’s PLUS WHITE and you can get it at Walmart for $2.50! Way more Sodium monofluorophosphate and Flouride ion than this one by Nu Skin. Check it out. It’s stronger flavored and blue in color but same thing for 1/6 the price! No brainer which one I’ll buy again.

  3. Since I started using this toothpaste, my gums are really sore. I had to stop using it for a couple of days. Is this toothpaste safe on your gums and the enamel on your teeth?

    1. Hi Amy,
      Yes, this toothpaste is safe to use on your teeth and gums. It doesn’t use peroxide which can often make teeth and gums sensitive and tender. Instead, it uses a combination of mild abrasives to remove stains that shouldn’t really cause any problems at all. If you try using the toothpaste again and the soreness returns, maybe you should consider a milder non- abrasive toothpaste instead. Also, sometimes, when using a whitening toothpaste it is tempting to give the teeth an extra hard brush to maximize the benefits. Brushing with too much force, especially with an abrasive toothpaste can cause wear on the tooth enamel and possibly cause sore gums.
      Hope this helps and thanks for your comment.

  4. I am sure we have all seen the video of the dentist reviewing AP24 on FB.
    He says that AP24 is VERY abrasive and will damage your teeth.
    I do realize that there has to be some abrasiveness in order for it to remove the stains on your teeth, but how would the abrasiveness of AP24 compare to other whitening toothpastes?

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    A toothpaste abrasiveness is measured by its Relative Dentine Abrasivity (RDA) on a scale of 0-250.

    0 – 70 = Low abrasion
    70 – 100 = Medium abrasion
    100 – 150 = High abrasion
    150 – 250 = Extremely high abrasion
    According to Nuskin, AP24 has a RDA of 70-80 which would be considered relatively mild compared to other whitening toothpaste like Colgate Whitening which has a RDA of 124.
    AP24 would be comparable to toothpastes like Colgate Total and Sensodyne.
    An example of a very harsh toothpaste would be Colgate Tartar Control at 165 RDA.
    Hope this helps.

    1. I’ve seen several others on FB say it has an RDA of 103? So this information is coming from Nuskin directly. How can we believe that is the truth when we see conflicting numbers. Do you have a link I can go to and see the numbers? Also I feel like Nuskin is making a lot of money off of this product, so why don’t they just have it ADA approved and stop all of the non-sense?

    2. I’ve seen several others on FB say it has an RDA of 103? So this information is coming from Nuskin directly? How can we believe that is the truth when we see conflicting numbers? Do you have a link I can go to and see the numbers? Also I feel like Nuskin is making a lot of money off of this product, so why don’t they just have it ADA approved and stop all of the non-sense?

        1. I used AP24 for 3 day’s and my gums hurt so bad that I couldn’t even brush my teeth for a day. I just had to rinse. I went back to very gentle brushing for about a week and I’m just now back to my normal brushing routine again. I will never use this product again!

          1. 70-80 RDA is for the anti plaque toothpaste. The whitening is 103, which is still safe (needs to be under 250)

  6. I paid $20 for this toothpaste from a friend on FB. I used it one time & my teeth & gums started hurting really bad? Although I do have a tooth that is about to have some work done to it…I never thought this toothpaste would make it hurt as bad as it did!!! (Worst pain ever) Needless to say that was the only time I’ve used this $20 tube of toothpaste!!! So therefore if anyone wants a new tube I’ll sale it to them for $15…lol…just to get some of my money back!!!

    1. My friend and her husband both had their mouths burned by this. I posted a comment about it in FB and the sales rep deleted my message and all messages afterwards.

  7. Fluoride is poison and unnecessary!
    If you removed it from your formula I would be more likely to use your product. I would be more likely to pay for a safer toothpaste.

    1. This fluoride scare that’s happening right now is ridiculous. Fluoride is what prevents cavities. Like most things, if you ingest large amounts, it could be harmful. But who swallows their toothpaste??

    2. Fluoride is NOT a poison. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have it in the water or toothpastes at all. I routinely see patients that are using a paste without Fluoride and they always get SO upset when they have a mouth full of new cavities at each appointment. It’s like I’m pounding my head into a brick wall ….trying to get them to see how Fluoride would help them. Smh

      1. My mother gave up fluoride when we’re kids and I gave it to mine as well….we’re all still alive and kicking!!

      2. Read up on why fluoride was originally put in the water supply, you may change your tune. Why is only 6% of the global population using fluoridated water?

  8. I am a dental hygienist and this toothpaste has nothing in it that will whiten your teeth. It may remove surface stain, but it contains nothing that permanently whitens teeth. Crest white strips are a great alternative. The ingredients will whiten the teeth because it does contain peroxide. It gets directly into the tooth structure. You do have to touch them up periodically to keep the whiteness. They are reasonably priced. The price for this tube of toothpaste is outrageous!! You can get Whitestrips for this price with approximately 24-32 strips, a months worth.

    1. I have SEVERE sensitivity to Crest White Strips. Severe pain in my teeth. Any idea how to stop this from happening? Other than that, no other issues.


      Hi Julie,

      Sorry, whitening toothpaste won’t change the color of crowns.

  9. This paste is ok. I have used it for 3 weeks now and see a slight difference in before and after pics but only enough difference that it could be a change in the lighting.

    After about 14 days I started getting sensitivity. Now almost at week 3 my teeth are so sensitive to cold that I can’t eat anything remotely chilled without agony. Green salad should not cause tooth pain!

    I consulted my dentist about the increased sensitivity and this is the only thing I have changed and he advised me to stop using the product. I have never had sensitivity even with crest white strips or other over the counter brand whitening pastes.

    The all natural claim on the ingredients is very misleading. I trusted the person who sold it to me and didn’t check into it until I saw my dentist. Look it up and be informed before you purchase.

    Hope this goes away soon!

  10. I bought some of this and used it for a week. After the 3 day I noticed that my teeth were hurting. They have been hurting to the point of having to take pain killers to ease the pain. I have quit using it for one day and my teeth are starting to feel better already. If it sounds too good to be probably isn’t. Way too much $ and not worth the pain.

  11. I’m shocked at all the bad reviews as I’ve bought my 2nd tube of this as I’m a smoker so had lots stains and now my teeth are white thanks to this stuff ..i think the ones it’s not working on is folk with pure white teeth already.

    1. I have been using AP24 for about a month. I purchased this toothpaste on March 11, 2018 for $20. Although the price was a little steep for toothpaste, I was enthusiastic to try it, as I cannot use Crest Whitening Strips or any other kind of whitening agents due to teeth sensitivity. I have used AP24 everyday for at least twice a day this entire time. I used it as directed: for 2–3 minutes each time. In my time of usage I have only missed 1 day of brushing twice within that day with AP24 but at any rate, I have noticed a nice change in the color of my teeth. They look MUCH better and although they are not blinding white, they ARE whiter. I have not experienced ANY pain, bleeding, irritation, or sensitivity since using this toothpaste. I plan to buy another tube, but this time, from Amazon as I think it would be cheaper. I would recommend this toothpaste to others but bear in mind that everyone is different and may achieve different results.

  12. AP24, made me gum irritated and made the roots itchy (yes itchy and I can’t go under the gumline to scratch it). The color change is so small it’s not worth $20 IMO. When the person whom I purchased the toothpaste messaged me and asked about the difference I told her ” there is hardly a change.” I included photos and she did not say a word back. I have noticed on some photos on the before and after people using a filter on the photos.
    And another HUGE let down, I’ve noticed my gums bleed with this toothpaste.

  13. Let’s do a quick review of the ingredients. For a quick background, I am a chemist at an industrial cleaner company.

    Aqua– water
    Hydrated Silica– an abrasive and the same as the beads they put in packets that says not safe for human consumption
    Sorbitol– helps with preventing bacteria used in a lot of soaps
    Aluminum Hydroxide–
    Glycerin– used in a lot of stuff. Pretty safe
    Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate– I use this at work and on the bags it says toxic if consumed
    PEG-12– Polyethylene Glycol. Usually used in antifreeze
    Sodium Monofluorophosphate– ok
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate– acute toxicity. Used in industrial floor cleaner formulas
    Dimethicone– if there is more than .1% in the formula it needs to be listed as a carcinogen. Also a skin irritant
    Poloxamer 338– known carcinogen
    Poloxamer 407– known Carcinogen, also used in some anti freeze
    Cellulose Gum– no health hazards
    Sodium Sulfate– no health hazards
    Sodium Saccharin– a sweetener
    Sodium Oxide– abrasive
    Flavor– who knows how safe it is
    BHT– banned in multiple countries. Butylated Hydroxytoluene. Skin, eye and lung irritant. Known carcinogen. Toxic to humans. Known mutigen (causes DNA mutations) used as a paint stripper.
    CI 77891– used in white paints and white pigments for printer ink. Not safe for human consumption. Real name is titanium dioxide.
    Limonene– comes from oranges and other citrus fruits. First time I have seen this somewhere other than industrial degreasers or floor cleaning formulas.

    Tricky trying to use a trade name or abbreviation to hide what they are putting in the formula.

    Safety level: why would you use this?

  14. I’m reading where folks have had teeth or gum soreness. I understand this is an abrasive and am very glass half-empty as I think more of my dentin is showing through the enamel and never really had bright white teeth. I’ve used this 4 or 5 times the last two days and tonight inside my lower lip and inside cheeks, I either have small ulcers (canker sores) or it looks like I’ve chewed or sucked at my teeth while sleeping as I have perfect white spots along the teeth line where uppers and lowers meet. I did read that people with mouth sensitivity could have canker sores, but I’m trying to rule out thrush. I’m a dry-mouth sufferer. Gonna avoid this tomorrow to see if it’s any better, but I was curious if anyone else had white spots or ulcers in their mouths soon after starting this toothpaste.

  15. It’s interesting about capped teeth. I’m trying charcoal powder at the moment but it’s so messy, it’s off putting so the paste would be a better idea.

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