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Toothpastes are possibly the most complicated health products on the market, they typically comprise of a mixture of active ingredients, abrasives, detergents, flavorings and coloring additives.The general public spend billions on these toothpaste each year. From cheap budget brands to specialist toothpastes in designer flavors there is a confusing amount of choice available. There are toothpastes for cavity prevention, sensitive teeth, gum disease, stained teeth and bad breath all of which come in different flavors and textures. But does it actually make any difference what toothpaste you use? Many dentists say no, most manufactures argue a definite yes!
Although most of the ingredients that make up a toothpaste are there for purely cosmetic reasons and do nothing to aid dental health there are some active ingredients that have been proven to have beneficial effects on plaque, gingivitis and sensitive teeth.  Although Research has shown that brushing without toothpaste at all can be perfectly acceptable, most people feel that their teeth do not feel as squeaky clean and their mouth does not feel as fresh without the help of a spot of toothpaste. If you do suffer from dental health issues, it may be worthwhile taking some time to find an appropriate toothpaste to alleviate some of the issues you have. Also, it makes sense to know a bit about the chemicals you are putting in your mouth and choose a toothpaste that you are comfortable using.  At the end of the day the most important consideration is that you enjoy the teeth cleaning experience and the confidence that a clean fresh mouth gives. Finding a toothpaste that you like and that is pleasurable to use does make teeth cleaning feel less of a chore.

Toothpaste ingredients



Fluoride is generally considered to be the most beneficial active ingredient in toothpaste. Over a period of time, Fluoride will strengthen teeth enamel and help avoid cavities. There is a downside to fluoride however, although it may be good for teeth, if it is ingested and absorbed in high enough levels there are serious concerns it can have damaging effects on the body. There are many variables and at this point there is no conclusive research on whether brushing with a fluoride toothpaste is or is not harmful to general health. Deciding whether to use a fluoride toothpaste is a personal choice, the dental health benefits are clear but it is also important to consider the potential dangers.


Humectants preserve the moisture and texture of the toothpaste and prevent it from drying out. Commonly used Humectants include Glycerol, Sorbitol, Pentatol and Xylitol.


Sweeteners are added to improve the taste of toothpaste. Commonly used sweeteners include Sorbitol, Saccharine, Aspartame and Acesulfame.


Thickeners keep the toothpaste stable in the tube and allow it to be easily squeezed out onto the toothbrush. Common thickening agents are Xanthan gum, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium alginate, plant extracts and Carbopols.


Many toothpastes use mild abrasive agents to help scrape away plaque, food debris and stains and polish the teeth. Common abrasives used include Calcium carbonate, Aluminum oxide, Magnesium carbonate, and Hydrated silica,


Detergents are used to create the foaming effect that occurs when the teeth are brushed. the most commonly used are sodium lauryl sulfate, dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, sodium stearoyl lactylate and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate.


Flavoring is added to improve the user experience. Common flavors include Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint, Fennel, Cinnamon, Menthol and Clove.


Used to preserve the toothpaste by inhibiting the grows of mold, yeast and some bacteria. Typically used preservatives include Benzoic acid, Alcohols, Ethylparabens and Phenolic preservatives


Antibacterial agents such as triclosan are used to reduce plaque and gingivitis.


Regenerate Enamel Science toothpaste is an advanced smart toothpaste that is designed to remineralise tooth enamel to strengthen and protect teeth.

Black is White

A charcoal based whitening toothpaste that removes discoloration without using bleaching or abrasion.

Dawood Tanner

An attractive collection of tooth cleansers from dental experts Dawwod & Tanner. Available in four refreshing different flavors.

Featured Toothpaste – Regenerate Enamel Science

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Glycerin, Calcium silicate, PEG-8, Hydrated silica, Trisodium phosphate, Aqua, PEG-60, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Sodium saccharin, polyacrylic acid, Tin Oxide, Limonene, C177S91.


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