Oral B pro 2500 electric toothbrush review

Oral B Pro 2500

There is a huge and confusing choice of electric toothbrushes available to consumers. We picked out the mid-range Oral-B Pro 2500 and put it through its paces.

Oral-B Professional 2500

What's in the box?

The Oral-B 2500 is a simple and straight forward pack that is easy to unbox and set up. The toothbrush handle comes boxed with the charging station, plastic travel case, one sealed CrossAction cleaning head, instruction manual and warranty registration card.


1 x Oral-B 2500 handle.


1 x Charging station.


1 x CrossAction cleaning head.


1 x Travel case


1 x Instruction manual


1 x warranty card

PRO 2500 Features

3D Cleaning

Three independent motions combine to remove plaque and polish the teeth. With the oscillating, pulsating and rotating movements, the crossAction cleaning head is capable of removing up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Gum Care Mode

The gum care mode offers a more gentle motion that is designed to massage the gums and stimulate blood flow to the gum tissue.

CrossAction Brush

The Oral-B Pro 2500 comes with one CrossAction cleaning head. The CrossAction head is specially designed to disrupt and remove the maximum amount of plaque.

Travel Case

A handy and hygienic plastic travel case holds the brush handle and up to two cleaning heads.

Pro Timer

Dentists recommend cleaning the teeth twice a day for two minutes. The Oral-B Pro 2500 features an on-handle timer that buzzes every 30 seconds to advise to move to the next quarter of the mouth, and then again at 2 minutes to alert the user that the session is complete.

Pressure Sensor

Brushing teeth with too much pressure can wear away and damage tooth enamel. The Oral-B Pro 2500 features a visible pressure sensor that lights up if too much pressure is applied when brushing.

Daily Clean Mode

The daily clean mode is the default mode that is suitable for most people and situations. The Oral-B Pro 2500 has the same 40,000 pulsations and 8,000 oscillations as the more expensive brushes in the Oral-B range.

Oral-B Pro 2500 Review

Toothbrush handle cosmetics and waterproofing.

The Oral-B Pro 2500 is a relatively new addition to the Oral-B range of electric toothbrushes. It is basically an update to the popular Oral-B Pro 2000. As you would expect, specification and price wise, the Pro 2500 bridges the gap between the Pro 2000 and Pro 3000 toothbrushes. Woman cleaning teeth with oral b 2500The Pro 2500 is available in both black and pink colours, our test model is the rather attractive black model. The handle its self is slimmer and more streamlined than other electric toothbrushes, especially some of the Philips Sonicare models. The handle is made from tough white plastic with a matt rubber facing panel. The rubber front and ridged rear make the toothbrush easy to hold, even with wet hands. For extra convenience and safety, the handle is completely waterproof, even a drop into a full sink won’t damage the unit in any way. The waterproof seal also makes it possible to clean the handle with a quick rinse under the tap. Although this is a minor detail, it is handy with this particular brush as the black rubber is quickly stained with toothpaste and a rinse under to tap is all that is needed to clean it up nicely. Important note: Only the handle is waterproof, never place the charging unit in or near water! If you would like to add a splash of color to your bathroom countertop, the Pro 2500 is also available in a limited edition “hot” pink color.

Battery charging and performance.

When you first unbox the Pro 2500 the battery will be completely discharged, so, unfortunately, you can’t just buy the toothbrush and use it straight away. For users in the UK, it is also good to realize that the charging unit comes with a round 2 pin plug that is designed to be oral-b-charging-stationplugged into a bathroom shaver socket. If you don’t want to use, or don’t have a 2 pin shaver socket you can buy an adapter plug (The UK only) and use any home power socket. After the handle is set on the charger and switched on the green charge indicator will begin to flash. After the battery is fully charged, the charge indicator will light continuously for 5 seconds then turn off completely. According to the instruction manual, a full charge from new can take up to 22 hours, which does seem like a long time if you have just bought it and are keen to give it a try. Having said that, we found it took considerable less time and was usable after 12 hours. With a full charge, we found the brush gave about 28 minutes of use which would equate to a full week of use for one person who brushes for the recommended 2 minutes, twice a day. As the battery charge becomes low, the red low charge indicator lights up as a warning to recharge the handle. The battery is designed to be resistant to overcharging so it is OK to leave the toothbrush on the charging unit 24/7 so it is always at full charge. It is worth mentioning, however, that in order to keep the battery healthy it is important to allow it to completely discharge at least once every 6 months. If you don’t allow the battery to completely discharge regularly there is a good chance the battery will fail earlier than it should. Oral-B toothbrushes are often criticized for poor battery performance but with good care, they should last between 3 to 5 years. Battery life is very important in electric toothbrushes since the batteries are not replaceable without specific technical skills and when they fail the toothbrush will need to be replaced.

Cleaning Action

The Pro 2500 toothbrush operates with what Oral-B calls a “3D cleaning action”. So, what does 3D cleaning action actually mean, and is it important? Well, when Oral-B talk about 3D cleaning, they are referring to the rotating/oscillating/pulsating motions of the cleaning brush head. crossaction-toothbrushThe circular cleaning brush head rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise whilst at the same time pulsing in and out at a rate of 48,800 pulses per second. This triple action cleaning has fared well in clinical trials making Oral-B a favorite recommendation of dentists. The Pro 2500 comes with a CrossAction cleaning head that cups the teeth as it oscillates forwards and backward dislodging plaque. The angled brush strands of the CrossAction head further increasing the effectiveness of the brushing session. You do have to modify you brushing technique if you are going to use this brush properly, though. The round cleaning head is designed to brush each tooth individually for a few seconds before being moved onto the next tooth and not brushed backward and forwards over a group of teeth like you would with a manual toothbrush. Concentrating on one tooth at a time also causes the pulsing action to force fluid into the nooks and crannies between the teeth that the cleaning bristles can’t reach. The effect of the toothpaste fluid being forced between can also help remove plaque biofilm and let the fluoride in the toothpaste reach more of the teeth surface area.

Cleaning brush heads.

Another plus point of the Pro 2500 is that it is compatible with Oral-B’s wide range of toothbrush heads. Oral-B has developed a complete range of cleaning heads to cater for personal taste and specialty requirements. In fact, Oral -B can boast the largest selection of specialty cleaning heads on the market, with a compatible brush for every Oral requirement.

The CrossAction brush that comes with the Pro 2500 is a great all round cleaning head that is probably the best choice for most people, if you have specific requirements, however, you can explore the whole range of cleaning heads below –

  • CrossAction
  • 3D Whitening
  • Sensitive
  • FlossAction
  • Precision
  • Orthodontics
  • Power Tip
  • Dual Clean

Changing the brush heads is very easy, which is handy if other family members share the same handle and just swap on their own cleaning heads as needed.

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Pressure Sensor.

oral-b-2500-pressure-sensor-2Brushing your teeth with too much force can, over time, wear away at your tooth enamel, leaving you susceptible to sensitive teeth or tooth decay. A handy feature of the Pro 2500 is the visible pressure sensor that flashes if you happen to apply too much force when brushing. The red flashing light is clearly visible but you can also test it out yourself, just by applying some pressure to the brush head with your finger to see the light flash on.

Cleaning Performance.

Performance wise, the Oral-B Pro 2500 is an excellent brush to use. The cleaning head feels comfortable in the mouth, giving an easy and pleasurable experience. This brush has the same powerful movements as the more expensive brushes in the Oral-B range so you do get the exact same clean as you would with a top line toothbrush. After a two-minute cleaning session, my teeth felt squeaky clean and fresh.


The Oral-B Professional 2500 is a great electric toothbrush that will certainly keep your teeth in tip-top condition. It is simple and uncomplicated but powerful enough to match any other power brush on the market

Should you buy one?

Yes, it is a great brush where it really matters: removing plaque!

What Price should you pay?

Does the Oral-B Pro 2500 offer value for money? The recommended retail price of the Pro 2500 is about £69.99.  That is quite pricey and we wouldn’t recommend spending that kind of money on this toothbrush, but the good news is you can often find them on special deals of £40 or less. Find one for about £35 and you have got yourself a great toothbrush for a very fair price!


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