Oral B Pro 2000 Electric Toothbrush Review

The Oral-B professional care range has about a dozen different models to choose from alone, and picking the best one for yourself can be confusing. We picked out the Pro 2000 model and put it through its paces to see if it is worthy of a place on your bathroom counter.

What is the Oral B Pro 2000?

The Oral B Pro 2000 is an entry-level electric toothbrush in the Oral-B Professional Care range that uses a complex combination of cleaning motions designed to disrupt and remove as much plaque from the teeth surface as possible. Although it retails at a cheaper price point than many of the other toothbrushes in the range it still features the very same power and 3-dimensional cleaning motion as the more expensive models. This model is widely available in high St. stores, large supermarkets and online retailers like Amazon.

Although you don’t need an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth, the Cochrane report concluded that a powered toothbrush will give your teeth a superior clean than a manual toothbrush. Additionally, the report identified that the rotating and oscillating motion used by Oral-B as being the most efficient cleaning movement for removing plaque.

Being one of the worlds leading manufacturers of toothbrushes Oral-B is consistently the number one electric toothbrush recommended by dental professionals.

Many dentists believe that the physical size, shape, and movement of the cleaning head on the Oral-B make it the most effective way to remove plaque from the teeth. The round CrossAction cleaning head that comes as standard on the Pro 2000 is regarded as the perfect shape to cup each individual tooth and brush away plaque film from the enamel surface and gum line.

What Colours do the Pro 2000 come in?

Nowadays, electric toothbrushes are often available in a choice of color options. The Oral B 2000 comes in both baby blue and hot pink colors. Both models are exactly the same in every way except the color of the casing. As with most of the latest Oral-B toothbrushes, the 2000 Pro is manufactured with a tight waterproof seal to enable it to be rinsed under the sink tap for convenience.

Note –

It should be noted that the pink version is described as a “limited edition” and it states on the box that it comes with a sound connectivity option. This is a little misleading as it suggests that you are getting something extra for your money when in actual fact you aren’t. The sound connectivity feature uses the Oral B App which will work with any Oral B toothbrush, in fact, we tested it with a Sonicare electric toothbrush and it works with that as well! So don’t worry that you are missing out on a feature if the buy the blue version as it is exactly the same.

What’s in the box?

The Oral-B Pro 2000 is the entry-level electric toothbrush in the Professional Care range. The toothbrush handle comes packed with the charging station, one sealed CrossAction cleaning head, instruction manual, and warranty registration card.


1 x Oral-B 2000 handle.


1 x Charging station.


1 x CrossAction cleaning head.


1 x Instruction manual


1 x warranty card


The Pro 2000 is constructed from a combination of durable mixed plastics that feel comfortable in the hand. The front facing panel has a slightly sticky rubber feel to it which has obviously been used to make the handle easy to grip even if it gets wet. In the case of this model, the front panel is either blue or pink depending on what model you choose. The rest of the handle is made from the type of silky smooth plastic that is easy to clean and polish so the handle never looks old or dirty. The rear of the handle features some raised ridges that give the forefinger some purchase when holding it to clean your teeth.

The handle contains a hollow region inside to contain the drive motor and gearing along with the rechargeable batteries. The CrossAction cleaning head that comes with the Pro 2000 simply snaps on to the top of the handle and connects to the electric motor via a drive rod. The handle also features a watertight seal so you can happily rinse it under the sink to give it a thorough clean.

Cleaning Modes

Although some electric toothbrushes can boast of having a comprehensive collection of different cleaning modes, many people really just want a simple-to-use brush that does a great job. The pro-2000 just has two cleaning modes –

  • Daily cleaning mode
  • Gum care mode
Daily Clean Mode

This is the default mode that you would use twice daily to keep your teeth clean. Despite the Pro 2000 being one of the cheaper models in the Professional Care range it still features all the power and movement specifications of the more expensive models. The brush head combines 8,800 oscillations with 40,000 pulsations per minute to disrupt and remove as much plaque as possible.

Gum Care Mode

When the Gum Care Mode is activated, the brush head transitions between low and high speed to create a massaging type of motion. The full speed 8,800 oscillations / 40,000 pulsations is geared down rhythmically to 2,600 oscillations  / 12,000 pulsations to stimulate and invigorate the gum tissue.

Cleaning mode demonstration

The Pro-2000 is a very simple, no-nonsense toothbrush to operate.

Daily Clean Mode: Press power button once to turn on daily clean mode. Pressing the power button again while the toothbrush is in daily clean mode will turn off toothbrush.

Gum Care Mode: Press power button twice in quick succession to turn on gum care mode. Pressing the power button once while gum care mode is in operation will turn off toothbrush.

3D Cleaning Action

The Pro 2000 removes plaque with what Oral-B describes as a “3D cleaning motion”. This 3D motion refers to the 3 movements made by the cleaning head as it cleans the teeth. The 3  movements are –

  • Oscillations
  • Rotations
  • Pulsations

The main benefit of using an electric toothbrush like the Pro-2000 is that the maximum amount of plaque can be removed with the minimum amount of effort. The dynamic movement of the 30-degree oscillations combined with the pulsations and the angled cleaning brush tufts can easily brush away plaque biofilm from the tooth surface and gumline.

In addition to the actual mechanical cleaning action of the nylon brush bristles coming in contact with the teeth, there is also a secondary non-contact cleaning force that is due to the flow of toothpaste fluid into the interdental areas generated by the high-frequency pulsations. This is especially beneficial if the toothpaste contains active ingredients like fluoride that need to come into contact with the tooth enamel.

CrossAction cleaning brush.

The CrossAction cleaning head is the end result of many years of Oral-B research and development. To maximize plaque removal, the CrossAction brush comprises of an intricate pattern of angled, crisscross bristles that can effectively clean the surfaces and contours of the teeth and gum line.

The pulsing and oscillating motion can also allow the bristles to penetrate between the teeth to reach the hard-to get-to areas.

As with all toothbrushes, the CrossAction brush head should be replaced every 3 months. The Oral-B Pro 2000 comes with only one single CrossAction brush head but extra cleaning heads are readily available in supermarkets and online retailers like Amazon.

An extra feature of Oral-B cleaning brushes is that they come with removable colored rings that clip onto the base of the brush head. This is to allow the whole family to use the same toothbrush handle but enable them to easily identify their own cleaning head. Toothbrushes or cleaning brushes should never be shared since oral germs are very easily transmitted from the mouth to the cleaning bristles and vice versa.

What is Oral B’s sound connectivity feature?

Some Oral-B 2000 toothbrushes have “limited Edition Sound connectivity” printed on the box and some don’t. This is a little bit misleading since it suggests that you are getting something extra for your money when in fact you aren’t. Every Oral-B toothbrush is “Sound Connectivity” capable, simply because all of the work is done by the Oral-B App. In order for the toothbrush to connect to the App all, it needs to do is just make a noise as it operates within in hearing distance of the microphone on the smart device running the App. As soon as the microphone picks up the noise of the toothbrush it automatically starts to count up to the optimum cleaning time of two minutes.

The Oral-B App can be used in three ways –

  • Manually – You can just press the “Start brushing” button to initiate the 2-minute timer.
  • Sound connectivity – When you switch on your toothbrush, the microphone on your smart device will detect the sound of the toothbrush operating and will automatically turn on the 2- minute timer.
  • BlueTooth – If you have a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush from the Smart or Genius range it will connect automatically via Bluetooth and start the 2- minute timer.

It should be noted that the Oral-B Pro 2000 is not BlueTooth enabled so if you do want to use the App you will need to use the sound connectivity option or just start and stop it manually.

What does The App do?

For a toothbrush in the Professional Care range like the Pro-2000 the App provides a two-minute timer that gives a visual guide of the four quadrants of the mouth so you can focus on making sure you are brushing every area equally. Provided you have brushed for more than 30 seconds, The App will record your brush time and add it to your personlised cleaning activity.

To help keep you interested as you brush your teeth the App also flashes up the latest news and weather to keep you informed at the same time.

The App also has a lot more advanced features that can be unlocked if the user happens to have a BlueTooth enabled toothbrush.

Pressure Sensor.

Oral-B 2000 pressure sensor in action.

Plaque is actually very soft and easily removed, provided it is dealt with quickly and efficiently, so, contrary to what you might think brushing teeth harder and with more force is by no means more effective at removing plaque. In fact brushing too aggressively can lead to tooth erosion and irreversible gum recession.The technical term for the damage caused by over brushing is “toothbrush erosion”. Ironically, it is often the people who are very diligent in cleaning their teeth that end up suffering from toothbrush erosion caused by scrubbing too hard.  According to an article in the WSJ, oral health professionals estimate that between 10% and 20% of people have damaged their teeth by simply over brushing. In addition, a harsh brushing technique can also damage the gum tissue causing the gum line to recede and expose the sensitive tooth nerves. Making sure that every single tooth is cleaned thoroughly during the brushing session is much more important than the actual force of contact between the cleaning brush bristles and the teeth surface.

To safeguard against toothbrush erosion the Oral-B Pro 2000 features a visible pressure sensor that will light to warn the user when a damaging amount of pressure is applied to the teeth. One of the best advantages of using an electric toothbrush like the Pro 2000 is the consistent and uniform, pressure controlled cleaning action delivered to the teeth every clean.

Battery charging and power performance.

The Pro-2000 is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that uses a NiMH (nickel–metal hydride battery) for power. When electric toothbrushes are brand new out of the box their battery will be completely flat. It does take a considerable amount of time to fully charge the brush from new so it is worth bearing in mind that you won’t be able to clean your teeth with it for at least about 12 hours. Once the charging station has been plugged into the power socket and the cleaning handle has been positioned on the charger the green charging indicator will begin to flash on and off as the power trickles into the rechargeable battery. The charging light will continue to flash until the rechargeable battery is fully charged and then it will light continuously for 5 seconds and then turn off completely.

With a full charge, you will get about 28 minutes of teeth cleaning done. This equates to one full week of use if you stick to the dentists recommended 2 minutes cleaning twice daily. When the battery charge begins to run down the red, low battery light will flash to let you know that the handle should be set back on the charging station. If you prefer, it is possible to store the toothbrush on the charging unit so that it is always fully charged. If you are going to leave the handle on the charger, be sure to let it completely charge down at least twice a year to prolong the life of the battery. With good care, the battery on the Pro 2000 should last between 3 and 5 years.

Cleaning brush heads.

Another plus point of the Pro 2500 is that it is compatible with Oral-B’s wide range of toothbrush heads. Oral-B has developed a complete range of cleaning heads to cater for personal taste and specialty requirements. In fact, Oral -B can boast the largest selection of specialty cleaning heads on the market, with a compatible brush for every Oral requirement.

The CrossAction brush that comes with the Pro 2500 is a great all round cleaning head that is probably the best choice for most people, if you have specific requirements, however, you can explore the whole range of cleaning heads below –

  • CrossAction
  • 3D Whitening
  • Sensitive
  • FlossAction
  • Precision
  • Orthodontics
  • Power Tip
  • Dual Clean
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Although the Oral-B Pro 2000 is a fairly simple and straightforward toothbrush, it still has all the features you need in an electric power brush, notably –

  • Reviewing the Oral B 2000 pink electric toothbrushA complex combination of high power brush motions to disrupt and remove as much plaque as possible.
  • A two-minute quad timer so you can accurately clean each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds.
  • Sturdy and robust waterproof casing.
  • Reliable battery life.
  • Easy to source replacement cleaning brush heads.

The reason for getting an electric toothbrush is that they have the ability to clean teeth more efficiently and with less effort than a manual toothbrush, and that is exactly what the Pro 2000 excels at. It has the same rate of oscillations and pulsations as the most expensive models, putting it on a par with the high-end toothbrushes in the range.

Oral-B has decades of research and development under their belts so it is no surprise that the Pro 2000 is an extremely well thought out and designed toothbrush. It is compatible with the complete range of specialty brush heads making it suitable for any particular oral requirement and the brush heads come with removable colored rings so that multiple family members can use the same handle but easily identify which cleaning head is theirs. The replacement brush heads are readily available in good supermarkets or online retailers like Amazon.

This toothbrush only has two cleaning modes which are less than many other models and this could be seen as a draw back, but for many people, this is actually a plus point. It is a fact that the majority of specialty cleaning modes are never actually used with many people preferring just to stick to the normal daily clean mode.

The Daily Clean Mode features on most Oral-B toothbrushes and is perhaps the most effective cleaning motion available outside of the dentist’s office. In fact, Oral-B is consistently the No. 1 electric toothbrush recommended by dentists to their patients. The gum care mode is an extra mode that is designed to gently massage the gums and stimulate blood flow to the gum tissue. This might seem a bit unnecessary, but any dentist or doctor will tell you just how important healthy gums are to your oral and general health. Apart from that, it is really quite soothing and it’s a mode that I do actually use regularly. To activate the program you just have to press the button twice.

The gum care mode is the second cleaning option that is available on the Pro 2000. It is designed to gently massage the gums and stimulate blood flow to the gum tissue. This mode shouldn’t be regarded as an unnecessary gimmick since looking after your gums is every bit as important as looking after your teeth. Any dentist or doctor will tell you just how important healthy gums are to your oral and general health. The idea behind this mode is that the modulating speed and frequency of the brush head helps to stimulate blood flow to the gums to keep them healthy.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • No unnecessary cleaning modes.
  • Features pressure sensor.
  • 8,800 oscillations with 40,000 pulsations.
  • Completely waterproof handle.
  • Compatible with all Oral- B cleaning brushes.
  • Replacement brush heads are readily available.
  • Colored cleaning brush id rings allow the whole family to use the same handle but with their own brush head.


  • Slightly noisier than some other electric brushes.
  • Battery life on a single charge less than on some other power brushes.

Should you buy one?

Yes, it is a great brush where it really matters: removing plaque! Oral-B has a very long history of research and development in the toothbrush market and the Oral-B Pro 2000 is another great example of a well-designed and high performing product.

What Price should you pay?

Does the Oral-B Pro 2500 offer value for money? The recommended retail price of the Pro 2500 is about £69.99.  That is quite pricey and we wouldn’t recommend spending that kind of money on this toothbrush, but the good news is you can often find them on special deals of £40 or less. Find one for about £35 and you have got yourself a great toothbrush for a very fair price!

Where can you buy the Oral-B Pro 2000?

The Oral-B Pro 2000 is available in supermarkets, High St shops and online retailers like Amazon.

What are some alternative toothbrushes?

If you can’t find the Pro 2000 for less than £40 there are some similar models in the Professional Care range that might be worth checking out.

How to use an Oral-B Profesional Care Toothbrush.

Oral-B electric toothbrushes are very easy to use but it is important to be aware that to achieve best results it is important to use them correctly.

Step 1 – Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to the brush head.

Step 2 – Bring brush head into contact with teeth before switching on.

Step 3 – Place the brush at a 45º angle when cleaning the outside and inside teeth surface so that the gum line is also cleaned. If plaque is allowed to build up on the gumline it will irritate and inflame the gums which can eventually lead to gum disease.

Step 4 – Start cleaning your teeth by placing the brush on each individual tooth one by one. Don’t use any kind of vertical or horizontal movement as you would with a manual brush, just place the brush on each tooth and let the cleaning motion do all the work for you.

Step 5 – The Oral-B Pro-2000 has a 2-minute quad timer which means it alerts you of your progress every 30 seconds. The best way to use this is to think of your mouth divided into four quadrants and concentrate on each quadrant for 30 seconds. Typically adults have 32 teeth, so you should have 8 teeth in each quadrant to clean in 30 seconds. A little bit of quick maths works out at 3.75 seconds to clean the outside, inside and biting edge of every tooth. It is commonplace for people to miss certain areas of the teeth especially the inside surfaces and rear molars. By using the 30 second time alerts and concentrating on each tooth in the quadrant will result in the best possible cleaning session possible.

PRO 2000 Features

Daily Clean Mode

For most people, one great cleaning mode on an electric toothbrush is all that is really required. With a motion of 40,000 pulsations and 8,000 oscillations, the daily clean mode on the Pro 2000 cleans with the exact same clinically proven power as the more expensive models in the Oral-B range.

3D Cleaning

The big advantage of an electric toothbrush over a manual brush is the range of intricate movements the brush head on an electric model can make. The Pro 2000 uses three separate motions that combine to form what Oral B call 3D cleaning.

Pressure Sensor

When it comes to brushing your teeth, you can definitely have too much of a good thing! Brushing with too much vigor can erode enamel and cause the gums to recede. The built-in visible pressure sensor alerts the user if too much force is being applied to the teeth and gums.

Gum Care Mode

The gum care mode offers a more gentle motion that is designed to massage the gums and stimulate blood flow to the gum tissue.

Pro Timer

Most dentists and health authorities agree that 2 minutes is the optimum cleaning time for maintaining clean teeth. The Pro 2000 has a built in timing mechanism that briefly slows down the cleaning head every 30 seconds to alert the user that it is time to move on to the next quarter of the mouth.

CrossAction Brush

The Oral-B Pro 2500 comes with one CrossAction cleaning head. The CrossAction head is specially designed to disrupt and remove the maximum amount of plaque.
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