Burst Electric Toothbrush Review

By David Cruickshank

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My First Impressions of the Burst Toothbrush

The toothbrush has a sleek, modern design with a tapered handle for an easy grip. It is predominantly black, with a series of control buttons and indicator icons located on the front of the handle.

There’s a power button symbolized by a circular icon at the top, followed by what seems to be LED indicator lights for different cleaning modes below it. The cleaning modes are represented by the 3 different icons that light up when activated by the power button. Burst electric toothbrush head with a distinctive design.

The toothbrush bristles are arranged in a pattern that seems to optimize coverage and cleaning efficiency. They are black, which suggests that they are infused with charcoal. At the rear of the brush head, there’s a unique rubberized texture that might serve as a reasonable substitute for a tongue scraper.

The design is minimalist and functional, with the control buttons being discreet and blending into the handle’s design. The black color gives it a classic and neutral look, suitable for a wide range of personal preferences.

What’s in the Burst box…

Burst is a subscription service that’s similar to the dollar shave club except that instead of razors it’s oral health products. When you sign up for the toothbrush service, you will receive the Burst starter pack. Inside, you will find –

1 x toothbrush handle.
1 x charger.
1 x power plug.
1 x Cleaning head.
1 x instruction pack.

Every great day should begin and end with a thorough teeth-cleaning session. And when it comes to brushing your teeth you just can’t beat the power of an electric toothbrush. So when burst oral care asked us to check out their innovative toothbrush subscription service we were excited to find out more.

Burst Oral Care Care is a subscription service similar to the Dollar Shave Club except that instead of razors first supply oral health products. When you sign up for the toothbrush service, Burst will send you a little starter pack like this one here.

Inside you’ll find a toothbrush handle, a charging unit cover, a power plug a charger, one cleaning head, and the instruction pack. Once you’re subscribed and you’ve received your starter pack, Burst will automatically send a replacement cleaning head every three months as part of their standard service. If you want you can also add toothpaste and whitening strips to your subscription as well.

Unboxing the toothbrush is super easy you just set up the charger like so and plug it into the USB port on your computer or clip on the here inside you’ll find a toothbrush handle a charging unit cover a power plug a charger one cleaning head and the instruction pack once you’re subscribed and you’ve received your starter pack here burst will automatically send a replacement cleaning head every three months as part of their standard service if you want you can also add toothpaste and whitening strips to your subscription as well unboxing the toothbrush is super easy you just set up the charger like so and plug it into the USB port on your computer or clip it on to the adapter plug and plug it into the power supply. Then just clip on the cleaning head and pop the toothbrush onto the docking station to charge.

This particular toothbrush costs $69.99 when you order online from burst but it’s also possible to get it from some Community dentists for a discounted rate of 39.99 the initial purchase the subscription costs six dollars to have a replacement cleaning head sent every three months. Scroll down to see a full review.

Burst Features…

1. Burst Sonic Toothbrush Power: Vibration vs Movement Explained.
I have read some other Burst toothbrush reviews where the authors seem to be somewhat confused about the power of the toothbrush. This confusion seems to arise from the fact that manufacturers can rate their toothbrushes in different units.

Burst toothbrushes are rated at 33,000 vibrations per minute, while Sonicare rates their 5100 ProtectiveClean toothbrushes at 62,000 movements per minute. This can lead to the assumption that the Sonicare toothbrush is almost twice as powerful as the Burst brush. However, it’s important to note that one vibration is equivalent to two movements per minute. Therefore, Burst toothbrushes actually have 66,000 movements per minute, which is very close to the 62,000 movements per minute of the Sonicare toothbrush.

So, the power of the Burst toothbrush is not actually significantly lower than the Sonicare toothbrush, as some people might assume. Both toothbrushes use high-frequency vibrations to effectively clean teeth, and they both have similar levels of power. The difference in the way the power is measured can be confusing, but it’s important to understand that the actual performance of the toothbrushes is more important than the specific number of vibrations or movements per minute. Ultimately, the best toothbrush for each individual will depend on their personal preferences and oral hygiene needs.

2. Burst Sonic Toothbrush Cleaning Modes.
The Burst electric toothbrush comes with 3 basic cleaning modes.

  1. Daily Clean: This is the standard cleaning setting that most people will find best for their daily cleaning sessions. The cleaning motion is compatible with any other mid-range or top-range sonic toothbrush on the market.
  2. Sensitive Clean: This is a less powerful mode that gives a more gentle cleaning experience. This mode would be suitable if you have certain dental conditions like sensitive teeth or gum disease. It would also be the preferred mode to use if you have had oral surgery and are perhaps healing from a tooth extraction. For people who are new to using a sonic toothbrush, the gentle cleaning mode would be a great setting to start with. The first time I ever used an electric toothbrush, I found the high-powered cleaning motion to be quite uncomfortable compared to a manual toothbrush. This sensitive mode would be the ideal setting to get yourself accustomed to using a powerful sonic toothbrush.
  3. Massage: Gum massage mode helps to stimulate blood flow to the gums and can promote gum health by improving circulation and removing bacteria. Gum massage can also help to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with gum disease or other oral health conditions. This mode would be used in addition to 2 minutes of cleaning with either the Daily or sensitive cleaning programs. I found this mode to be soothingly pleasant with the added benefit of possibly improving my overall oral health.

The toothbrush has three cleaning modes that you can select by pressing the power button. 1. Normal for your daily cleaning sessions

2. Sensitive mode if you suffer from sensitive teeth.

3. Bonus massage mode to stimulate blood flow to your gums.

One cleaning mode that the Burst sonic toothbrush lacks is a “Whitening” cleaning mode. Many high-end electric toothbrushes such as the Sonicare DiamondClean and Oral-B IO feature programs designed to brighten your teeth. The whitening modes featured on other toothbrushes don’t actually have any special teeth-whitening technology behind them. They simply just extend the length of time that the toothbrush runs. So for example, instead of a 2-minute cleaning session in normal mode, the whitening program will run for 3 minutes. Although it is highly unlikely that a toothbrush with a whitening cleaning mode will noticeably lighten the shade of your teeth beyond their normal color, research has shown that increasing brushing time by up to 3 minutes will result in an improvement in plaque reduction. So even though a whitening mode won’t actually whiten your teeth, it could possibly improve your oral health. The absence of a whitening program is a minor detail that shouldn’t discourage you from buying a toothbrush, but it is worthwhile bearing in mind that brushing time is proportional to plaque reduction.

3. Charcoal Cleaning Bristles
In recent years charcoal has become a popular ingredient in everything from shampoo to toothpaste. But this is
the first time we have seen it used on an electric toothbrush.

Burst has infused the cleaning bristles with high-quality Binchotan charcoal nano-particles to increase the cleaning capacity of each toothbrush bristle. 

Although charcoal has a huge capacity to adsorb certain kinds of chemicals, toxins, and impurities there is currently no evidence of its effectiveness when applied to toothbrush bristles. That is not to say it doesn’t have a positive effect and I would certainly welcome more research on the use of activated carbon in health products, but it is fair to say I can’t comment on any tangible benefits.

Having said that, Burst attributes the softness of the bristles to the charcoal coating so it is a feature of functionality rather than just a gimmick. The bristles are made from Polybutylene Terephthalate which is a very durable material that absorbs less water than normal nylon allowing the bristles to maintain their structure and form when wet.  
This softer, gentler, cleaning head is one of the main differences between the Burst and Sonicare toothbrushes.

The Burst brush operates at 33,000 movements per minute which is actually more powerful than the Sonicare but Burst is of the opinion that a toothbrush this powerful shouldn’t have hard bristles simply because what you don’t want, is to damage your teeth enamel. Plaque is actually quite easy to remove and it is better to have a high-intensity cleaning action combined with soft bristles than a brush that is overly aggressive.

4. Quadpacer Timer
The next time you brush your teeth, pay attention to your technique and you might be surprised to find out how random it is!
Many of us place the toothbrush in our mouths and then zig-zag to different areas of the mouth in a haphazard motion. A more effective method is to split the mouth into segments and concentrate on each area one at a time. To help the user maximize each cleaning session feature Burst has included a Quadpacer timer.

A quadpacer timer on an electric toothbrush is a feature that helps you to brush your teeth more evenly and thoroughly. It divides your two-minute brushing cycle into four 30-second intervals, prompting you to move to a different quadrant of your mouth after each interval. This allows you to spend an equal amount of time brushing each section of your mouth (upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right), resulting in a more comprehensive and effective clean. I found that the quadpacer feature helped me brush my teeth with a more proficient technique.


In conclusion, the Burst toothbrush emerges as an innovative addition to the oral hygiene market, blending high-tech functionality with sleek, minimalist design. Its ergonomic handle and intuitive control buttons, coupled with LED indicators for different cleaning modes, cater to a user-friendly experience while maintaining a classic aesthetic. As a subscription-based service, Burst offers convenience and ease by delivering all necessary components right to your doorstep, ensuring you’re well-equipped for optimal dental care.

The toothbrush’s power is noteworthy; with 33,000 vibrations per minute translating to 66,000 movements, it stands on par with competitors, debunking misconceptions about its performance. Its three cleaning modes – Daily Clean, Sensitive Clean, and Massage – cater to various oral health needs, proving its versatility, although it lacks a dedicated whitening mode. However, as the post suggests, the impact of such a mode on actual teeth whitening may be negligible, with the real benefit lying in the extended brushing time for improved plaque reduction.

A standout feature is the innovative use of charcoal-infused bristles. While the effectiveness of charcoal in this context remains under debate, Burst’s approach – incorporating high-quality Binchotan charcoal nano-particles – is a forward-thinking move, potentially enhancing the cleaning capacity of the bristles. The choice of materials like Polybutylene Terephthalate for the softer bristles underscores Burst’s commitment to gentle yet effective cleaning, addressing concerns over enamel damage with a well-considered brush head design.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a Quadpacer timer exemplifies Burst’s attention to detail, promoting a more systematic and effective brushing technique that can make a tangible difference in oral health.

Burst oral care is the new kid on the block when it comes to electric toothbrushes. In a marketplace dominated by big players like Oral-B and Sonicare, Burst has arrived on the scene with some refreshing ideas designed to inspire higher levels of oral care and awareness. Founded in 2017 by Hamish Khayat, Burst offers high-quality toothbrushes, toothpaste, and teeth whitening products through a direct ship subscription service. By cutting out middle-men retailers, Burst is able to distribute premium products direct to the consumer at excitingly cheap prices. When Burst invited us to take a closer look at their sonic electric toothbrush, we were happy to oblige. Read on to find out more. 

“Thanks to Burst Oral Care for their cooperation in the preparation of this review.

David Cruickshank – Author

Find out more…
In the process of writing the article and producing the video, we referenced the clinical studies below.

→ The Effect of Brushing Time and Dentifrice on Dental Plaque Removal This study explored the effect that brushing time has on dental plaque removal.

→ The long-term impact of powered toothbrushes on oral healthResearch conducted at the University of Greifswald, Germany investigated the long-term effects of using a powered electric toothbrush.

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