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The appetite for Smart toothbrushes is steadily growing as consumers gradually become more comfortable with the idea of paying more for a high-tech, intelligent toothbrush.

This year, Colgate is set to raise the bar even higher with it’s Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush. A revolutionary toothbrush that actually detects deposits of plaque and tells you when you have successfully removed them.

What makes the Plaqless Pro Different

Up until now, smart toothbrushes have focused on giving users visual feedback on how well or poorly they are cleaning their teeth. Toothbrushes like the Oral-B Genius X , Sonicare SmartClean and the new Oral-B IO use motion detection and artificial intelligence to identify zones of the mouth and then evaluate if the toothbrush brush cleaning head has come into contact with that zone. By combining motion detection, Bluetooth technology, and mobile applications, these smart toothbrushes will accurately show you the teeth you have cleaned and the areas that you have missed. By using this information you can quickly refine your cleaning technique to achieve a better teeth cleaning performance.

Smart toothbrushes can make a significant improvement to your oral health, that is for sure! But you must remember that just because the toothbrush tells you that the cleaning head has touched an area of your mouth does not necessarily mean your teeth are clean and free from plaque!

The first plaque seeking toothbrush

This is where Colgate’s ground breaking new toothbrush differs from every other toothbrush on the market. The Plaqless Pro is  a true plaque-seeking toothbrush that uses optical biosensors to detect plaque and then remove it using a high powered motorised cleaning head. During the whole process you also get real-time visual feedback on your progress.

Why is Plaque detection a game changer?

Plaque biofilm is a layer of bacteria that begins to naturally accumulate on your teeth and gums within 60 minutes of cleaning your teeth. This layer of bacteria will continue to accumulate on your teeth until you physically remove it by teeth brushing and flossing. Any plaque that is left on the teeth will quickly begin to harden and calcify into a layer of calculus or tartar that you will not be able to remove yourself with normal teeth cleaning. Plaque is the root cause of oral diseases like dental caries, gingivitis, and periodontitis and this why it is vital that you remove as much of it as possible every single day without fail.

Having a toothbrush that actually tells you where the plaque is and whether or not you have successfully removed is an innovation that could have far-reaching effects on a persons health.

How does the Plaqless Pro Work?

The plaqless Pro works on the basis that dental plaque biofilm contains organic compounds called porphyrins that shine fluorescent red when exposed to blue spectrum light. By simply shining a blue light onto the teeth and then analyzing how the light reacts to the presence of porphyrin in the bacteria the toothbrush can guide you to the infected areas that need cleaning the most. The toothbrush relays feedback to you in real-time by means of an indicator light on the handle of the toothbrush or by the Bluetooth-connected app.

Plaque Detection 

The Plaqless Pro detects the presence of plaque by emitting blue-spectrum light from two optical biosensors on the cleaning head of the toothbrush.

Colgate Plaqless Pro Features and Benefits

The Plaqless Pro is a first of its kind toothbrush that will certainly excite people who are highly motivated to elevate their level of oral and general health. Although it is expensive compared to other toothbrushes the benefits in terms of long term health and reduced medical costs could be significant.

The Colgate Plaqless Pro has all the features you would expect from an electric toothbrush including a high speed 30,000 movements per minute cleaning head and a 2-minute timer. However, the reason to choose this toothbrush over any other model is the plaque detection feature.

The Plaqless Pro’s ability to detect the presence of plaque sets it apart from every other tooth cleaning option.

Plaqless Pro v Normal Toothbrush

The problem with using a normal manual toothbrush is that it requires a level of technique and control and many people just don’t have. An effective oral health routine requires motivation and discipline. The effort required to brush every surface of every tooth properly can be significant and the statistics showing epidemic levels of gum disease suggest that the population as a whole is not doing a great job of cleaning their teeth properly. 

 The advanced technology of the Plaqless Pro replaces the need for skill and effort. The 30,000 brush movements per minute combined with the automatic plaque detection system means you can simply direct the toothbrush to the infected areas and let it do all the work.

Plaqless Pro V Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are easier and more fun to use. In fact, relatively few people ever return to using a manual toothbrush once they have tried an electric model. Not only that, but a recent 11-year study has shown that electric toothbrushes are more effective at preventing gum disease and tooth loss.

Smart electric toothbrushes bring even more advantages. With an intelligent toothbrush, you can now get meaningful feedback that you can use to clean your teeth more effectively.

The Plaqless Pro goes one step further than any smart toothbrush by detecting the areas in your mouth that are infected by plaque biofilm. This allows you to strategically point the toothbrush at the areas that need attention the most.

Final Word

Achieving oral health relies on your ability to effectively remove as much plaque from your teeth and gum line as possible. Any areas of plaque that we consistently miss will eventually begin to rot tooth enamel and infect gum tissue. And since plaque is a soft, creamy white substance that is mostly invisible to us, have no way of knowing just how well we have cleaned our teeth. 

The Colgate Plaqless Pro changes all that! Now we have the ability to know where the plaque is and if we have managed to remove it properly. 

If you can afford the $200+ price tag, the Plaqless Pro could go a long way towards helping you avoid tooth decay, gum disease and the health conditions related to poor oral health.

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