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We have picked out 5 tongue scrapers in all shapes and sizes to suit every mouth. Our product selections include metal scrapers, plastic scrapers, tongue brushes, and toothbrush attachments. Choosing a tongue cleaner that suits your own particular physiology will make the process more comfortable and efficient.



Firstly the small-sized cleaning head minimizes the chance of the body activating its natural choking-defense system known as the pharyngeal reflex or gag reflex. Some people have sensitive gag reflexes and find it hard to place larger tongue cleaners at the rear of their mouths. The small dimensions and smooth contours of the Wondrous Tongue Wand make it easier to reach the rear of the tongue. The rear of the tongue is one of the main problem areas, so choosing a scraper that you can comfortably reach back as far as possible will give you the best results.
Woman-owned company, located in Southern California

Key specs
MATERIAL: Medical grade polymer
6.7 x 2.25 x 0.5 inches


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The Orabrush was developed by Dr. Bob Wagstaff in the early 2000’s and eventually gained massive popularity thanks to clever marketing and viral videos.
This scraper has a dual-action cleaning mechanism that uses micro-pointed brush bristles combined with a plastic lipped scraper blade to remove the coating from the tongue surface. The Orabrush bristles are nice and soft which makes the cleaning experience gentle and pleasant.

Dr. Tung

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The Dr. Tung scraper is a U-shaped scraper that features a stainless steel cleaning blade and comfort grip handles. The contoured knife blade is designed to remove the residual coating of the tongue as efficiently as possible. The scraper is available in a selection of colors and comes with a handy bamboo fiber travel pouch.
The Dr. Tung scraper is fairly sharp, so be careful to start gently to avoid damaging the tongue tissue.

Tung Brush

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The Tung brush is designed to be used together with the Tung gel to give your tongue a complete clean. The gel is formulated for deep cleaning and neutralizing bad breath odor. The combination of the brush and gels helps give a deeper clean.

Amano Tongue Cleanser

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The Amano cleanser is one of the most substantial and stylish options. The U shaped cleaning blade is forged from durable high-grade chromium and nickel alloy. The cleaning blade is ergonomically designed to minimize the gag reflex as the user moves it towards the back of the mouth.



Ergonomically designed t-shaped cleaning heads and handles allow the user to place the scraper right to the back of the mouth without triggering the gag reflex. This type of tongue scraper is best for people with small mouths or a strong gag reflex.


Tongue brushes have specifically designed bristles that can effectively clean away plaque, trapped food, and bacteria from the rough surface of the tongue.

Dr Tung


The curved u-shaped blades of these scrapers are designed to glide over the surface of the tongue and collect the coating of plaque and food debris that cause bad breath.

Toothbrush attachment

Some toothbrush manufacturers like Sonicare make handy tongue cleaning attachments.

  • Sonicare TongueCare+


Scraping products are specially designed oral health tools for cleaning the top surface of the tongue. They are usually manufactured from plastic, copper or stainless steel and are available in lots of different shapes and styles.  The most commonly used scrapers are the two-handled U-shape cleaners and the single-handled T-shaped cleaners. Alternatively, there are also cleaning brushes available that are designed specifically for cleaning the tongue surface.


Although tongue cleaning is not yet part of the daily dental routine for most people in western society, Ayurvedic medicine recognized it as a vital cleaning ritual thousands of years ago. Jihwa Prakshalana is the ancient practice of scraping the tongue clean of food debris, dead cells, bacteria, and toxins. Ayurvedic medicine uses the appearance and health of the tongue to diagnose ailments and health disorders because they viewed it as a mirror to the internal health of the body.


According to Ayurveda, the mouth is the gateway to health and wellbeing. If toxins or infection is present in the mouth, the toxicity can spread from the mouth throughout the body and cause illness. This ancient theory is now being substantiated by modern research that is beginning to link oral infections with heart and artery disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, premature births, and premature aging.


Bad Breath

Tongue cleaning can significantly reduce odor-causing bacteria from the mouth.

Dental health

Tongue cleaning improves your dental health and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

General health

Cleaning away toxins from your tongue can have a positive effect on your general health.


Cleaning the tongue is not a new practice. Historical research has shown that this habit has been present for centuries in Europe, Asia, Arabia, and pretty much everywhere except for western civilizations. Throughout history, people have used tongue scrapers made of wood, mother of pearl, copper, or even gold.

One key focal point to consider is the relationship between tongue cleaning and bad breath, also known as Halitosis. Halitosis is a condition that affects a significant number of people, and while most of them carry out oral hygiene measures to the best of their ability, they still suffer bad breath, and that is why numerous researchers have placed the matter under the microscope, in order to find a reason and hopefully a cure for this embarrassing condition.

ASCRO published a study of particular interest since it talks about the tongue from a morphological view. They made impressions of the tongue surface and studied these under the microscope. The study showed the intricate nature of the tongue surface, including the papillae (these are micro-organs responsible for sensation and taste), and these papillae are shaped like a cup with a lid on it, with only a small slit around that lid. This structure means that when debris and biofilm become trapped inside the papillae, the bacteria can begin to cause bad breath and infections.

Another point to consider about tongue hygiene is the direct relationship between oral health and general health. Several studies have directly linked oral hygiene to eye infections, joint diseases, heart conditions, and even premature labor.

In conclusion, there is irrefutable evidence linking tongue cleanliness with bad breath and other systemic diseases. I wholeheartedly recommend that you add tongue cleaning to your daily routine. I guarantee once you take a look at the amount of debris collected on the scraper you won’t look back.

David Cruickshank


Best Tongue scrapers
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Best Tongue scrapers
Cleaning your tongue is important if you want to avoid bad breath. We look at 5 of the best tongue scrapers.
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  1. Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner – in India and Indians all over the world have this design tongue cleaner, been in existence for ages – used one of the Indian ones for over 40 years, they are called All-U, in gujrati – you can get them in a lot of Indian shops which sell Indian fruit, veg kitchen items etc are are not expensice – really cheap if you buy them in India – great product

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