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Brush with Elmo

Elmo’s Brushy Brush song. Have some fun and sing along with Elmo and his friends.


Learn with Mouthie

Explore Mouthie’s laboratory and find out all about your teeth and mouth.


Fun Videos

Fun Videos

Easy Puzzles

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Intermediate puzzles

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Advanced Puzzles

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For Kids – Waterpik WP-260waterpik for kids cutout

Encouraging good oral health at an early age can be one of the best gifts you can give your child. Tooth decay can occur at the earliest of ages and failing to teach children the importance of cleaning teeth thoroughly can result in painful, expensive and potentially health damaging oral conditions. Since tooth brushing only manages to clean 60% of the teeth surface area it is important to have some method to clean the areas between the teeth that toothbrush bristles can’t reach. Flossing with dental string is very difficult for children to perform effectively and it can feel almost impossible to persuade them to do it regularly.

An excellent alternative is the Waterpik for kids water flosser. Waterpik are the top manufacturer of water flossers who have decades of experience developing personal power flossers. The Waterpik for Kids WP-260 is especially designed for children. It features a fun, funky green design with extra safe constuction.

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