Do dentists go to the dentist?

Do dentists go to the dentist by Dr. Lara Coseo

Do dentists go to the dentist?

Yes, dentists do go to the dentist. We also have to take care of our mouths. Dentists need regular dental check-ups and treatments just like our patients do.

Whenever we’re in need of dental work we usually have a colleague or a friend perform the dental treatment.

My friend who is also a dentist checks my mouth out and lets me know any concerns that she sees. It may be a little different for me because I’m probably telling my dentist a lot more than the average patient would. I’m very aware of what’s going on in my own mouth. And I have the knowledge and training to explain things in a different way.

How often do dentists go to the dentist?

I visit my favorite dental hygienist every six months to get my teeth cleaned.

Are dentists afraid of the dentist?

Some dentists are a little nervous about dental treatment, and some aren’t. That’s definitely going to be unique to each person’s personality. Some people will have anxiety about dentistry, even if they’re a dentist.

I personally don’t have dental anxiety. I’m less nervous about things going on inside my mouth because I understand it very well. And I think that gives me more confidence. I also trust my colleagues because I know how trained and how skilled they are. I know how educated they are. So I don’t have anything to worry about.
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Do dentists go to the dentist?
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Do dentists go to the dentist?
Dr. Lara tells us if she goes to dentists or if she fixes her own teeth.
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