Triple Bristle Electric Toothbrush Review

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Triple bristle sonic electric toothbrush review


Dr. Lara Coseo DDS, FAGD – Author –
Having practiced general dentistry for 13 years, Dr. Lara currently serves as an Associate Professor at Texas A&M College of Dentistry.

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What Is A Triple Bristle Toothbrush

The Triple Bristle is a three-headed electric toothbrush that enables the user to brush all of the exposed sides of their teeth simultaneously.

When you’re brushing your teeth, there are three surfaces of the teeth that you need to clean in order to avoid oral diseases like tooth decay and gum disease. You need to brush the front, rear and biting surfaces of the teeth. The Triple Bristle does all of that at one time in one simultaneous motion.

Why Use A Triple Bristle Toothbrush?

I recommend to my patients that they spend 2 minutes brushing their teeth because that is the time it takes to adequately clean all the surfaces of each tooth. However, the Triple Bristle toothbrush effectively cuts the brushing time by 3 times. So theoretically, you can achieve the same outcome in 40 seconds compared to 120 seconds with a traditional toothbrush.

Note – The Triple Bristle people recommend a 45-second tooth brushing session with their product.

A triple Bristle toothbrush is a little bit bulky when you put it in your mouth for the first time because it’s going to cover all three sides. So there’s going to be plastic on the back of the head of the toothbrush, touching your cheek and touching near the opposing surface that bites against those teeth and near your tongue or the roof of your mouth.

But it does a wonderful job of surrounding each tooth and using the sonic motion to remove dental plaque.

The concept behind the Triple Bristle is very well-founded because people typically brush the outside of the teeth very well but then neglect to clean the inside surfaces. I have witnessed this in person with my patients, especially my younger patients. I can always see more plaque and tartar build-up on the side of the teeth facing the tongue than there is on the cheek side.

That’s a common problem that we see among patients. So if you have a brush that hits all three sides at once, that’s going to cut down on that kind of a problem. The brush is relatively comfortable. Once you get used to it, it is going to have a little bit of a bulkiness or a ticklish effect if you’re not used to using electric toothbrushes or if you’re used to simply using a single-sided electric toothbrush that has a very small head size. The bristles themselves felt like a normal electric toothbrush, soft to medium bristles.

Because of the specially angled bristles, all you have to do is place the Triple Bristle cleaning head around each tooth and it automatically sits in the correct position and does the motion for you. All you have to do is move it along the dental arch. I had to reposition it four different times, so basically I could do each Quadrant of my mouth in a single slow motion.

I took my time testing the Triple Bristle becauses I wanted to make sure that the design is safe to use.

I don’t think that it has any potential to damage structure because there’s no urge to press really hard onto the teeth because you’re feeling that counter pressure on the inside. So I didn’t feel the desire to push really hard on any side of the tooth at all.

It is very important to clean along the gum line to prevent bacterial diseases like gingivitis. And I believe the cleaning bristles of the Triple Bristle will reach in almost every case. You would have to have some pretty extensive gum recession for the bristles to not reach up to the gum line.

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After I brushed with the Triple Bristle, my teeth felt very clean. I did not feel like it missed any spots. I think it does do a good job of removing plaque. I felt like it was able to reach the gum line and every surface of my teeth, and it took just 45 seconds.

So obviously, with any toothbrush, the longer you use it, there is the potential that you might remove more dental plaque. Even though the Triple Bristle claims to work in 45 seconds, could you continue to use it for two minutes? Of course. Would that help you remove more plaque? Maybe so, and it wouldn’t cause any harm. I do think this would be a great tool for people who have issues making the correct motions that are required to brush their teeth and to remove plaque.

I like the fact that it hugs each tooth. You’ll see on the close-up video, the way that the bristles wrap around each tooth and perform the vibration motion. So I think that patients with rheumatoid arthritis or physical disabilities who aren’t able to perform those brushing motions would notice a significant improvement in their ability to remove plaques themselves at home, as opposed to waiting until they go to the dentist and they’ve developed gingivitis.

Most dental hygienists will tell you they can see a huge improvement when someone switches from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush. For people who tend to neglect the inner surfaces of their teeth, this Triple Bristle electric toothbrush would be a wonderful tool to help them clean their teeth more thoroughly.

Triple Bristle Verdict

Having tested out the Triple Bristle electric toothbrush myself, I think it’s a super invention that has a lot of unique advantages. I believe it is a product that can help people who need a little extra assistance with plaque removal when brushing their teeth.

I think it’s a wonderful product. I would recommend it to patients specifically those who have limited manual dexterity, or patients who just consistently miss the inside surface of their teeth.

How To Use Triple Bristle Toothbrush

For a close-up view of the triple bristle, I’m going to show you how the bristles fit around the teeth. You can see here, there are two sides on that end and then a side facing downward in between those two. So what you do is you actually place the bristles around the tooth, squeeze it all the way down so that it’s covering inside and outside, and then when you turn it on. All you do is move along the teeth and you can see how this size does meet the gum line of the teeth.

So in one simple motion, we’re brushing all of the exposed surfaces. The different settings for mild and pulsing in addition to the original regular setting. That’s the triple brush.

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