Dr. Lara Coseo

Dr. Lara Coseo, (DDS, FAGD) is a 2004 graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas. 
Having practiced general dentistry for 13 years, Dr. Lara currently serves as a Professor at Texas A&M College of Dentistry.

Dr. Lara T. Coseo DDS, FAGD.

Tooth Extraction Advice

Tooth extraction complications

“Get expert tips on avoiding and managing common tooth extraction complications. Learn about pain, swelling, bleeding, infection, dry socket, and more. Ensure a smooth post-operative experience with our comprehensive guide.”

Gauze stuck to the tooth extraction blood clot

The tooth extraction healing process may be delayed if the blood clot is displaced. Dr. Lara Coseo offers advice to prevent the gauze from sticking to the blood clot.

Tooth extraction healing stages

If you have had a tooth extracted, your mouth with go through 4 stages of healing. Find out the timeline progress of your recovery.

Find out how having a tooth extracted can cause sinus problems.

why should yo not take Ibuprofen painkillers for tooth extraction pain

Although Ibuprofen is effective in treating inflammation and pain it can also exasperate certain health conditions and interact adversely with other medications.

Persistent bleeding can be a common concern for patients who have just had a tooth extracted. Using gauze bite pads correctly is a simple way to stop bleeding. In this article. I explain how to use gauze and when it is safe to stop.

How long does it take to pull a tooth?

If you are scheduled to have a tooth extracted it is only natural that you will be nervous and wonder how long the whole procedure will take. In this article, Dr. Lara Coseo takes us through the procedure timing.

Can you take painkillers before getting a tooth extracted?

Find out how to use painkillers before a tooth extraction to minimize Mild to moderate post-surgical pain.

If your dentist has told you that you need a tooth extraction, it is likely that you will have some questions and concerns. Find out everything you need to know.

Can you drive safely after a tooth extraction?

“Drive Safe After Tooth Extraction: A Quick Guide to Post-Op Care & Precautions” – Learn about factors to consider before driving after a tooth extraction, including pain tolerance, medication effects, and type of extraction. Follow proper post-operative care instructions for a quick recovery and avoid any complications. Drive safely and confidently!

Understanding the differences between post-operative infections and dry sockets after tooth extraction and knowing the symptoms, causes, and treatments for both. This article discusses the potential complications of tooth extractions, such as post-operative infections and dry sockets. Both conditions cause significant pain and require different treatments.


Boka oral health review

In this article Dr Lara reviews the Boka Oral Care range of products. The Boka line of products includes an electric toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue cleaner and dental floss.

The Triple Bristle Electric Toothbrush can clean teeth 3 x quicker than a regular toothbrush. According to the people at Triple Bristle, their toothbrush can clean all the teeth in 45 seconds. Dr. Lara does a full review.

Zollipops dentist review by dr. Lara Coseo

Zollipops are sold as “Clean teeth pops”. But can a Lollipop really clean our teeth? Dr. Lara Coseo explains why Zollipops are a healthy treat and how they can prevent tooth decay and oral disease.

It has become common practice for people to use fish antibiotics to treat teeth abscesses. But is it safe? Dr. Lara Coseo discusses this worrying trend and warns of the possible consequences.

cocofloss review by dr lara coseo

Dentists try to encourage patients to floss daily by recommending products that might increase compliance. Dr. Lara Coseo introduces us to her favorite dental floss with her Cocofloss review.

Fairywill offers a whole range of oral health products at very competitive prices. Dr. Lara took some time out to review the Fairywill P11 electric toothbrush.

do electric toothbrushes whiten teeth by dr lara coseo

The advertising blurb for many electric toothbrushes promise a whiter and brighter smile. Dr. Lara Looks at the benefits of powered toothbrushes.


Pomegranates or pomegranate extracts can be beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease, treating diabetes, relieving arthritis, combating tooth decay and gum disease.

Dr Lara zentflex

Cleaning your teeth with too much pressure can cause permanent damage to the vital tooth structure. Zentflex offers a really simple solution that ensures you always brush with exactly the right pressure. 

do dentists go to the dentist? by dr lara coseo

Do dentists go to the dentist or do they just treat themselves? Can dentists ethically treat their family and friends? Find how dentists look after their mouths.

can you take an electric toothbrush on a plane? By Dr Lara Coseo

Long haul flights can leave you reaching for the breath mints. Dr. Lara shares her oral health travel tips.

Best whitening mothod Dr Lara Coseo

In this article, Dr. Lara Coseo discusses the best teeth whitening options and how to get the best results.

Can you die from a tooth infection?

Can you die from a tooth infection? People with teeth infections are often unsure just how serious the condition is. Dr. Lara discusses the prognosis, complications, and treatments available.

Dr Lara coseo how much does teeth whitening cost

Teeth whitening options vary greatly in price. Professional treatments cost hundreds of dollars while a cheap whitening toothpaste can cost less than $5. Dr. Lara discusses how much teeth whitening costs and the results you can expect.

Considering the large number of over-the-counter teeth whitening options available, it is not surprising that consumers find it difficult to find products that meet their expectations. In this article, Dr. Lara takes a closer look at teeth whitening pens.

about me Dr lara coseo fairywill water flosser

Research shows that many people are either not flossing regularly or flossing with a poor technique. Water flossers offer a dental floss alternative that is quick and effective. Dr. Lara reviews the Fairywill oral irrigator.

Some whitening products can leave the user disappointed and frustrated. Dr. Lara discusses which teeth whitening methods and products really work.

If you are seriously interested in brightening your smile, it is worthwhile taking some time to learn the facts about teeth whitening. Dr. Lara talks us through 20 teeth whitening questions in an exclusive Q & A session.

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