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Tooth Extraction Support

the stages of teeth extraction healing timeline

Tooth extraction stages of healing?

In this article, Dr. Lara Coseo explains the four stages of tooth extraction healing, including clotting, inflammation, bone regeneration, and soft tissue healing.

Tooth extraction Support

Tooth extraction support guide

Caring for Your Oral Health After a Tooth Extraction: Everything you need to know in order to recover quickly and avoid tooth extraction complications.

Why no ibuprofen after tooth extraction?

Why no Ibuprofen after tooth extraction?

Dr. Lara discusses the use of ibuprofen for tooth extraction pain, highlighting potential risks and alternatives for those with specific health concerns.

Painkillers before a tooth extraction?

Dr. Lara demystifies pre-extraction pain management, explaining the do’s and don’ts of taking painkillers before a tooth extraction for safe, effective pain relief.

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We meticulously review and analyze the latest dental health products to guide you in making informed choices. In this section, you’ll find detailed, honest, and expert reviews of a wide array of products, from toothbrushes and toothpastes to high-tech dental gadgets.

Cocofloss dental floss review

Dr. Lara reviews Cocofloss dental floss, offering an expert perspective on its effectiveness, texture, and benefits for maintaining optimal oral hygiene and gum health.

Zentflex toothbrush review

Zentflex toothbrush review

Dr. Lara Coseo explains that poor brushing techniques can cause gum recession and root abrasion. Find out if the Zentflex qualifies as one of the best toothbrushes for receding gums.

Zolipop xylitol dentist review

Dr. Lara evaluates Zolipop Xylitol candies, assessing their dental benefits, taste, and role in reducing cavities, providing a dentist’s insight into this sweet alternative.

Nuskin AP 24 whitening toothpaste review

Comprehensive review of NuSkin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste, analyzing its whitening efficacy, ingredients, and overall impact on dental health

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